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     PsychoActivision is a music media production company based in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in Psychedelic Visuals, Music Video Production, and Concert Photography. Although we are based in Atlanta, we are open to traveling to nearby cities to assist you with your production needs.

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Peter Strickland shot by Dante Everage


  • Pill Solution (Montgomery)

  • Kwon4L (Montgomery)

  • Avery Leigh's

      Night Palace (Athens)

  • Crispin Wah (ATL)

  • CHEW (ATL)

  • Kudzu Samurai (Athens)

  • The Warsaw Clinic (ATL)

  • Alex Wilkerson (BHM)

  • Sewage Bath (ATL)

  • Half Hot (ATL)

  • Hush Money (Ellijay)

  • Li Corei (Montgomery)

  • Zyx (ATL)

  • Twin Criminal (ATL)

  • Summerooms (Auburn)

  • Subdivisions (ATL)

  • Cuzco (Charlotte, NC)

  • Monochrome Sweatsuit (ATL)

  • Ian Hunter Rowland (ATL)

04.21.2020 PsychoActivision Logo

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